Foils for manual palletizing

    The family of manual palleting foils MIMA FILMS includes high-quality cast films with the following characteristics:
    • silent unwrapping when packing,
    • great transparency,
    • no adhesive addition PIB (natural adhesiveness of PE material),
    • high resistance to perforation and breaking,
    • greater flexibility which makes it possible to stabilise loads better.

    Lack of adhesive addition PIB allows for full usage of our foil for regranulation and recycling.

    PIB – Polizoburyna – is a liquid copolymer used in the production of stretch foil for achieving the effect of “self-adhesion” of foil layers to one another.

    MIMA FILMS foil is manufactured without the use of PIB and the effect of foil “adhesion” is achieved thanks to natural adhesion of polyethylene as base material. Easy regranulation and recycling are the advantages of our stretch foil. The content of PIB makes it difficult to recycle foil due to the necesity to control toxic gases emitted when burning and hampers their absorption.

    New generation foils

    We offer foils in the following colours:

    • colourless,
    • white,
    • black;