Automatic frame shrink packing machine


    – for pallet loads protection by shrink hoods,
    – individually configurated;


    • motionless load during the shrinking process,
    • movable heating frame,
    • flame control system,
    • automatic burners safe turning off system when gas pressure is lower than 0,09 MPa,
    • automatic load height detection,
    • safety switch under frame,
    • lifter with ventilator in base,
    • possibility of hood turning up,
    • heating frame soft start and stop,
    • pallet on conveyor positioning;

    Shrinking parameters:

    • shrinking mode choice: from the bottom or from the top,
    • ventilator turn on and operation time,
    • load lifting up and down time,
    • frame heating time in the bottom position adjustment,
    • frame heating time in the top position adjustment,
    • frame speed adjustment during the shrinking process,
    • burners operating over load in adjustable range of 0 ÷ 350 mm,
    • additional manual mode: burners ignition, frame move from the top and from the bottom, frame ride without shrinking, ventilator turning on, lifting up and down of lifter;

    Technical data of frame

    Capacity 45 pallets/h
    Conveyor speed 10 m/min
    Power consumption 3,5 kW
    Power supply 3 x 400 V, AC / 50 Hz, N, PE
    Driver Siemens S7-200
    Heating power 420 kW – with pressure 0,16 MPa
    Minimal gas pressure 0,12 MPa
    Minimal gas pressure 0,45 MPa
    Optimal gas pressure 0,16 MPa
    Air consumption 567 m3/h – continuous operating and pressure 0,16 MPa
    Natural GZ 50 gas consumption 42 m3/h – pressure 0,16 MPa – continuous operating
    Powder coating RAL 2004 – orange, 5002 – sapphire-blue;

    Other line elements:

    • automatic shrink hoods putting on,
    • conveyors: roller, belt, chain,
    • empty pallet magazine,
    • palletizing stations,
    • automatic palletizers,
    • strapping machines for PP straps;